We are specialized in embedded and unique software solutions. Our company is driven a team full of ambitious and committed young people who are acutely aware of the limitless growth potential of PayMedia.

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Cash & Cheque Deposit Kiosk

For Banking, Finance & Retail Industries to
Accept Cash for Payments and Deposits

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ePIN Distribution Solution

For Telecom and Top-Up Distribution Companies to Distribute PINs Electronically

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Smart Banking Kiosk

For Banking Industry to Run an Un-Manned Banking Operation 24x7

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Micro Finance Mobile App

Deploying an Agent Network with Mobile Application for Door-toDoor Collections.

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Electronic Wallet

A Digital Wallet Enables Consumers to Make Financial and Non-Financial Transactions.

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eBill Presentment and Settlement

EBPP is a Process that Enables Bills to be Created, Delivered and Paid Electronically.

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